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Bingo Showdown


Howdy Partner, Welcome!Grab your partner and giddy-on-up to the Wild West for a free Bingo Showdown! Join live, multiplayer Bingo tournaments with mini-games, daily bonus spins, bingo chests, free gifts, powerups, and rewards. This app brings the rodeo to your Android with players from around the world! Yeee-haww!First Time at the Rodeo? We’ve Got you Covered.Bingo Showdown is a user-friendly app for players of all different ages and levels. The speed goes just at the right pace and you can choose your gaming style. Choose to play with 1, 2, 3 or 4 Bingo cards per game and join live tournaments at your convenience for some serious social gaming.The Book of OutlawsEver want to catch an outlaw and win a reward? Well, here’s your chance! Shoot your way through the Wild-Wild-West and catch outlaws on the run! Yep, Bingo Showdown allows you to hit the road and win big all at once.For every Bingo game you win, collect a puzzle piece that clues you towards finding an outlaw. Once the puzzle is complete, capture the bad guy before he leaves town and add ‘em to your book of outlaws! Don’t worry, if an outlaw escapes town before you can find ‘em, your puzzle pieces will be saved for your next game, and you’ll be able to continue where you left off.For example, take Little Levi. He likes to prance around on his fake pony, but make no mistake, the pistol is real and so is his appetite for mischief!Difficulty: EasyReward: 120 bonus tickets plus more!Or go after Explosive Eric! Explosive Eric is a ballistic ball of fun! Be sure to use extra caution, he won’t hesitate to light this fuse and run!Difficulty: ExplosiveReward: 155 tickets and goodies inside the treasure chest!The showdown never ends ...Bingo Showdown is a live app, so games are 24-7, bringing live players together around the world. So even though it may be daylight by you, it’s nighttime somewhere else. That means it’s time to saddle-up and search for Midnight Mistresses or Billy Kids who are out past their curfews and up to no good!Tournament RankingCheck the Current Tourney live leaderboard to see which tier you and your Facebook friends are in! Rank Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum and take a sneak peek at some of the rewards. But remember that to get rewards, you have to be in the tier when the tournament countdown reaches zero. With all this excitement, prepare for a competitive atmosphere and get ready to yell, Bingo!Customize your ShowdownPlay 7 different powerups for special bonuses to increase your chances to win!Packs:CommonDaub a free space on each cardAdd a chest to each card with a chance for a prizeUncommonDaub two free spaces on each cardDouble XP for every card during a roundAdd a minigame pickup to each cardRareDoubles everything you earn this roundAdd an Insta-Bingo spot to each cardRated Best in TownOver 500,000 installs! Bingo Showdown is one of the highest rated Bingo Games!**Grab your saddle and steer your reigns towards the next big bingo tournament in town. See you there!**LIKE US @ in with Facebook and sync your account with your PC and all your devices.**WiFi is recommended for the best online experienceEnjoy the game directly on your PC through Facebook at· Bingo Showdown is intended for a mature audience· Bingo Showdown does not offer "real money gambling" or an opportunity to win real money or prizes· Past success in social casino gaming has no relationship to future success at "real money gambling"